Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blast from the Past

Can't freaking believe it. Got a text message from, wait for it ... Imelda. Can you believe the poor cow is still in jail. It must be going on for eighteen years. I was just going to delete the text and change my number but Benny said it would be professional suicide. Can you believe he wants me to go and see her and the rest of the girls. YG2BK? Well as if?

The twins are back at school. The ungrateful brats asked if they could live permanently in that jungle shack. I'd have let them but Benny put his foot down ... again. He wanted me to have them live here with me. Fortunately Hari started to cry, so that put an end to that nonsense. The thing about Benny is he's so old fashioned about family, I can't believe he actually drove them up to the Highlands himself. What does he think I pay a driver for?

That reminds me I bumped into Ann Massey, the cow looks seventy, if she's a day. What a frump. She can't be selling many books she looks like she shops at the op shop. Asked her again about writing my biography. Anyone would think she didn't like me. She just mumbled something about a new book about bioterrorism coming out in a month. Bio-terrorism I ask you. Who'd want to read that when they could be finding out more about me!!!
Ann Massey
Author of:
The White Amah, a mystery set against the backdrop of the timber logging industry in Malaysia. Sample or purchase:
The Biocide Conspiracy, a Young Adult thriller that sweeps readers into the world of bio-warfare. Sample or purchase;

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